Saturday, January 1, 2011

The One that shows some personality.

Caught trying to adjust in between shots...

Friday, December 31, 2010

The One where we give thanks.

Our Thanksgiving was quiet this year. Dave and Nicole were out of town for work and Jerry was working too. Mom and Jane came over to hang with Jess, Kar, and me. This first photo is proof that it is just sparkling cider... honest.

She asks her to do weird things and she does them. That's why she hearts her Aunt Jane.

Not sure....

Here they go with the "cider."

We are wondering what happened to Nans. Where are you going Nans? Or why are you so ginormous Jess? Either way.. great photo.

I really like this one but am so bummed it is blurry. I put it up anyway. I love ya Ma and I love this photo of us. Notice I'm kinda bending into her? I don't want to look ginormous. Ha!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010. We missed you Dave, Nicole and Jerry.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The One when we try to capture the perfect Christmas card photo.

We haven't taken family photos in a while. This was actually the girls' idea. They wanted pictures with antlers for Christmas. We tried to do some the week before and they would not have included Dave since he was out of town. It didn't work out then so when we finally got it together Dave was home; yay!

The girls are wondering why Jess has to hang all over them in all the photos; she is so clingy!

Cole is about to grab Jessie's hand and throw it off her shoulder!

Nicole and Anthony

He better watch his back! Ha!

The "Ham it up" pictures. These four ALWAYS ham it up!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

The One that just makes you love them more.

Jessica: "My fingers smell like balloons right now!"
Karlee: "So do MINE!"
Jessica: "What did we touch that's the same?"
Karlee: "I don't know."
Karlee: "I don't like it."
Jessica: "I do!"

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The One when Jessie Girl turns 19! Part 2

So Part 2 of Jessica's birthday celebration took place at Medieval Times. Here is part of the group before we headed to Buena Park. Aunt Jane and Anthony's brother Andrew joined us too.

The next several pictures are the calm before the storm...

Can they get any closer? I love this picture.

Her bestie Makie Mak.

My baby girl.

Aw... another baby girl.

One more baby girl.

I heart this kid.

Still calm....

Anthony's brother Andrew. He just moved out here from Texas about a week ago and is going to school at the California School of Arts.

Uh oh.... I think the storm is brewing..... Jane!!!

Aaaand... here it is; the storm! They decided to get into character some and start raising their glasses yelling, "Heruh heruh! Theruh theruh!"

Remember... hardly ever a serious picture involving Aunt Jane and the girls.

Well maybe one... maybe Mak was a good influence.

One contains beer and one contains a strawberry smoothie. Hmmmm...

Include Dave too in serious photos with Aunt Jane. Is that your rocker face Dave?

Heruh heruh! Theruh Theruh!

We were blue for the night so the kids were yelling and screaming for our blue knight. They were just about the loudest group in the joint! He gave this rose to Karlee because Karlee has the biggest mouth!

Our knight seemed to look and smile at us often!

The blue crew!!

After the show there were some photo ops with the knights. We headed straight to our blue knight!

The storm just got stronger! The dance floor was open after the show and boy did they dance. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a while!

Dave ran out and start boogieing to Get Low. I think Jess might have peed her pants.

On the way home Jess said it was the best night of her life. She suggested we make it an annual birthday celebration! Glad you had fun kid! Love you!